Download Srcmap

  • Linux 64 bit: srcmap.x86_64.tgz
  • Windows 64 bit, MacOS, Linux 32 bit :
    Let us know you need this via email to:

Setup / Run Srcmap

  • untar the downloaded "srcmap.x86_64.tgz" with this:
    tar xvzf srcmap.x86_64.tgz
  • Create the first user with this command:
    ./srcmap.x86_64 v3AddFirstAdminUser YourUserName YourPassword
  • Run the srcmap and login from Web
    Srcmap version: 0.89 
    Build number: 1780
    Build Date:2016-10-30 10:11:06.688042
  • Now you should be able login from Web via or http://your_system_ip_address:8080/s/s2.html


  • Email:
  • Phone: 1-510-270-0830